Customs Clearance Broker Exprts

The foundation of our company has come through a long and informative offering around Customs Brokerage and Government compliance. Prontax Express Delivery offer a complete suite of customs brokerage services including:

  • Tariff classification and duty file maintenance
  • Import and export clearance
  • Duty drawback application
  • Consulting services and advice
  • Pre-shipment authorisation and pre-clearance
  • Export document preparation
  • Electronic connection to customs.

Prontax Express Delivery's diverse knowledge of customs clearance requirements avoids costly and inconvenient delays.

We assist our clients in the event of a Customs audit. The quality of information contained in our database allows for cross-referencing of shipments, customs entry numbers, orders and products. This functionality will be a major time saver when carrying out a customs audit or completing duty drawbacks.

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